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Friday, June 17, 2011

Felix's Fish Camp on Mobile Bay - A Trip Highlight!

I have been at an AEA (Alabama Education Association) Leadership Conference this week, Weds - Thurs.  Frank went with me for the first time ever.  I thought he would enjoy getting away, the hotel (the Rennaisance Riverview - formerly the Adams Mark), the scenery, the food, everything.  For lunch we ate in the Harbor Room and I had a hamburger and Frank had a Rueben.  The meal was excellent.  I then went to my only meeting for the day. For supper there was a banquet, provided by the AEA.  We had a salad that was romaine lettuce leaves rolled up in a long slice of cucumber, with two cherry tomatoes and two croutons on the plate.  The dressing choices were ranch and Italian and that was fine with me cause I like them both.  Dinner was a baked butterflied chicken breast with a sauce (absolutely tasteless), a heart of palm half, boiled (tasteless too), and some macaroni concoction (the only thing with taste).  Some of the people at our table took the left over Italian dressing and modified their chicken a bit.  I ate mine as it was.  Dessert was a slice of pound cake, with a drizzled something on it, with real whipped cream, three blue berries and a raspberry....and let me tell you it was out of this world.  Door prizes were have to be present to win....I left early to nurse a headache....and bless Pat if they did not call my name.  Griefus....that is just my kind of luck and I missed out on a 25.00 gift card to Wally World.  Day two we returned to the Harbor Room for their breakfast buffet.  It was really good....but not 35.00 worth (that was for both of us and included drinks and tip).  I had meetings from 8:30 - 12:30 on using social media as a teacher and how it can come back to bite you in the but....even your personal stuff.  After the classes I had the urge to run get my lap top and look at all 800+ posts I had written....but I didn't.  I know I have not ever crossed that line.  We had a luncheon on day two and Frank went with me.  This time he got to meet Arthur.  The two of them together are a riot.  We had ....guess what....barely oven-fried chicken breasts....with a white tasteless sauce, sitting on top of mashed potatoes with one stalk of asparagus, a regular salad with creamy Italian dressing, and for dessert...creme brulee (again...these people know their desserts).  We stayed for the whole luncheon and of name was not called out....but everyone who ran into me told me about the night before.  After lunch we were free to explore.  Frank wanted to go to the Bass Pro Shop and get a holster for his new 40 cal. gun.  He has given me the 380.  The Bass place is in Spanish Fort - 10 minutes from our hotel and we got there and went straight to the gun part and took care of business.  After we left the Bass store we headed up the road another 30 minutes to Foley, AL and the outlets.  I was looking for three tops to go with three skirts I bought on ebay.  We lucked out on them at the very first store....I love me some Dress Barn Woman.  We messed around a little longer and headed back to Felix's Fish Camp for dinner.  I was so excited.  I have eaten there many times and believe me it is a dining experience I wanted Frank to have.  We got their early and did not have to wait.  We had a great seat in the back dining room with a view of Mobile Bay and the storm sitting off in the distance.  Frank ordered Calamari for an appetizer.  Theirs was delish and served with their own homemade marinara sauce.  The portion was generous and the price was fair.  Frank had Bankers Tea (1/3 lemonade to 2/3 sweet tea)....I have also heard it called an Arnold Palmer.  I had plain ole unsweet tea.  We ordered Camp Salad as one of our sides.  Camp Salad is salad with a twist.  It has artichoke hearts and hearts of palm, tomatoes, celery, parmesan cheese and Felix's own Italian dressing.  It is a wonderful salad.  My main course was the Little Bateau (pronounced Batty) platter and it had a generous portion of oysters, shrimp, and fish all lightly fried in the greatest crust.  With it came two hushpuppies that have corn and jalepeños,  My second side was a loaded baked potato.  I ate half....and Frank ate my shrimp and oysters I didn't eat.    Frank had a Big Bateau platter and it has more of what I a fried soft shell crab and fried green tomatoes.  Both platters were served with their famous Comeback is a remolde and yummy.  Frank loved his dining experience and will probably be glad to go with me to other AEA events after that meal.  BTW....want a Po-boy...their oyster one is to die for.  That was what I had the very first time I ate there.  I had never had one...everyone else ordered it...and I didn't want to look I got one too...and have never regreted that decision.  If you are ever in the Mobile area...let me tell MUST eat at Felix's.  It is located on Battleship Parkway...just down from the battleship the USS Alabama.  I promise you it is worth the trip and the wait (if there is one).  This food is some of the best I have ever eaten.  AND..BTW....if you are ever in the Panama City must eat at is a bit out of the way....but it too has fabulous food and both places have excellent wait staff.  You can't go wrong with either place.  I promise.  Frank and I came home today in intermittant rain storms....glad to be back I assure you.  Happy Friday.

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Sweet Tea said...

Welcome home you two lovebirds! What a fun mix of business and pleasure. It sounds fun AND yummy!