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Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Saga of Jill Nicole Blair Taunton

Saturday night we went to the 30th birthday party of one of my special girls.  Jill grew up with Kat and they have been friends forever.  The party was at her mom's house and everyone who loves Jill was there.  Family and friends celebrated the birthday of this precious life.  I was part of the entertainment....usually for these monumental birthday's I put together a musical tribute to their lives.  I take clips of songs and put them together with a story that I read in between song snippets.  I felt bad but with all the deaths in my family I just did not have the music in me.  This year I opted for a quieter tribute and wrote a poem for Jill, which I read after Gwen (her FIL) sang Kawliga for her.  I put it in a scrapbook that had a quote about life on the front cover and figured she could put all the pictures from the party and her cards in their with it and have a neat memoir of her 30th.  I thought today I would share the poem with you guys and let you know a little bit about our life with Jill.

Thirty years ago, 1981, on June 4th

Into this world a baby girl she was born

Her name was Jill she was precious and sweet

She was placed in the nursery for her admirers to meet.

There stood Paw Paw, and Nita and even two Danny’s

The doctor was there and spanked her on her fanny.

Pam, Mandy, her dad, there were loads of us there

She had the sweetest smile and a head full of hair.
From day one on she and Kat were best friends

They would laugh, giggle and dance until the days end.

They played with their Barbies and made up cute songs.

And no matter where we went Jill was always along.
The lake and the trips-oh we had so much fun

We traveled together, we were always on the run.

From Knoxville to Disney, VBS’es to gymastics

We all had a ball and our time together - fantastic.
Once Jessi and Kat had a big crush on Brad

Jill did too I think …and they’d all get so mad

If Brad showed one a bit more attention

Til Brad played the Hulk and got Sunday School detention.
New Kids on the Block were their favorite fellows

And when their songs came on they both would just bellow.

They danced, they sang, they spent time with each other.

It was like Debo was Kat’s new second mother.
At birthdays they would become the bow girls

Wearing their bows with the sparkles and curls.

They posed for pictures and rode in the boat

They swam in the lake or they’d lay there and float.
Then came Radney dances and they dressed up like 50’s

They both had on pink poodle skirts- Oh how nifty.

Remember P. Forge and the terrible flood

We stayed in the cabin man this trip was a dud.
You were at graduations for Scott and for Jan

You always went with us – you were part of the clan

Ronnie called you Thrill Jill and I called you Jilly

My mom would laugh when your jokes were so silly.
You both came with me to school during the summer

Most kids would have thought that this was a bummer

You would clean and arrange my room nice and neat

You both thought that this was a humongous treat.
Then came the summer when Kat was hurt

You gave up your summer to help take care of my squirt.

You watched television, colored and such

Your time, love, and sweetness I cherished so much.
Faculty Follies and traveling some more

Life with the Harrell’s was never a bore.

I was the puppy murderer and killer of squirrels

Made memories for me…with my two bestest girls.
Cleveland, Knoxville, P Forge and there’s Helen

Picnics, VBS’es, pizza, watermelon.

We were there that Thanksgiving when you marched at Disney

We cheered as you passed and we all waved at Mickey.
Having you both at high school for me was a blast

I hate it that those times well…they just did not last.

In New York we rode on the bus and saw sites

Being with you guys made this trip a delight.

I have to admit even though I’d already been

This trip was much better than the one I took with Kim

We laughed, ate gross burgers and nasty spaghetti

We found a McDonalds even though we weren’t ready.

We have shopped til we dropped and enjoyed buying shoes

We have had such a good time and acted like fools

Then all of a sudden our lives they were changed

You both went to college and life rearranged

Funny thing you both chose the exact same profession

And both married in almost immediate succession.

We all changed our last names in the second millennium

Kat now a Jones and you were a Taunton.

Jill you’ve become a sweet mommy of one

And now here you are thirty….but your story’s not done.

Frank loves you as much as I do I believe

How our lives have all changed and how much we’ve achieved.

You teach at Smith Station, Kat Monkey town, me at Ben Russell

You guys just beginning to dance the education hustle

Teaching, an honorable call I can say.

Yet, I’m looking forward now to my retirement day.

We have shared many smiles, many miles, and some tears

You were always a constant o’er the past thirty years

With the loss of my parents you were there with a hug

You have been loved a lot hope you know that lady bug.

As your life story unfolds may it be a best selling tale

May you have more successes…may you never fail.

Laugh when you want, dance in the rain,

And whatever you wish for I hope you attain…..
Happy Birthday Jilly!
Kat, Jill, and Brady at Kat's 30th birthday party

Jill, Jan, Scott, and Kat in Knoxville - One of the many trips

Bow Girls

Airport Park when they were just tiny

Radney Dance and the Pink Poodle Skirts - Their skirts were the colors of the bows they are wearing.
New York trip - skyline before 9/11

The Day Jill told us she was engaged to Blake - their birthday lunch

At a wedding - Kelly, Raegan, Jill and Kat

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Hppy Birthday to Jilly!
Great photos.
I visualized you rappin' that neat tribute!!