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8 Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?”And I said, “Here am I. Send me!”

Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Momma's Birthday Wish

Today is my daughter's 31st birthday and I wanted to take a moment to recognize her in a special way.  I wrote a little ditty for her.  She has always fussed at me because I had not written anything about her and I could fill a book with stories of Kathryn alone....and who knows someday I just might do that.
The Story of a Life of Love

Thirty-one years ago, 1980, on June 23rd

Into this world a precious baby was born

Her name was to be Emma, but became Kathryn Leigh

And this pink little bundle gave a new life to me.
Waiting to celebrate were Peepaw and Granny

Doctor Stimpson was there and spanked her on her fanny.

Her daddy, a brother and sister were there

She had such a sweetest smile and a head of red hair.
From the moment of birth she had my heart in her hands

And was loved oh so dearly by all of the grands.

She was her Peepaws darlin’ and a munchkin to me.

To her daddy she was called Lil Miss Piggy.
Godparents Chuckles and Sue were so blessed

They loved her just like she was one of the rest.

I rocked her to sleep with Chattanooga Choo choo

She loved when I sang it and would always say whooo whoo.

Her favorite song was Mighty Like a rose

I’d sing it and then kiss her tiny turned up nose.

We traveled a when she was two, four, or six

We all had a ball and our time together - fantastic.
She swam like a fish from the time she was three

And her favorite past-time was playing Barbie.

She loved being in church and being with friends

She is a blessing and the joy, it never ends.
New Kids on the Block her favorite group

She kept up with them and knew all the scoop.

She would dance with abandon and sing harmony

And life with this child was a blessing to me.

At birthdays she and Jill would become the bow girls

Wearing their bows with the sparkles and curls.

They posed for pictures and rode in the boat

They swam in the lake or they’d lay there and float.

She was my change girl in three different schools

She adapted so nicely and learned all the rules.

First HHS, then Dadeville and finally at Radney.

At her first sock hop she was as cute as cotton candy.

We spent lots of time with the Prices in K’ville

Cades Cove, Gatlinburg, remember the still?

Remember P. Forge and the trip with the flood

We stayed in the cabin man this trip was a dud.

You came with me to school during each summer

Most kids would have thought that this was a bummer

You would clean and arrange my room nice and neat

You seemed to think this was a real grownup treat.
Then came the summer when you would get burned

That was a lesson I wish we’d never learned.

Our days were filled with debridement and pain.

I hated the sunshine and looked forward to rain.

Yet God really came through with a miracle or two.

And your legs healed so nicely and they looked brand new.

I remember changing your wraps and seeing burnt skin

And the smell is something I hope I never smell again.

Faculty Follies and traveling some more

Florida trips with Thompson were never a bore.

Remember the walk from the dock to hotel.

The pie in Jan’s face oh the stories we could tell.

Remember the graduations for Scott and for Jan

The Pacific Northwest and the back of the suburban

You named your section of the car Kathryndom

Old Faithful, Wyoming, and remember the gun?

Pacific Northwest was a great time you see….

But PEI with just the two of us was the best there could be.

The haunted feeling in Salem and the Seven Gables Inn

Neither of us slept and we locked ourselves in.

You would come to school with me during the summer

Most kids would have thought that this was a bummer

You would clean and arrange my room nice and neat

You seemed to think that this was a humongous treat.

Oh our trip to Cleveland and Helen and naming the baby.

Taking old fashioned photos and can’t forget Disney

Remember the Christmas trip with Eric and Sandy

Remember family reunions with Ramona and Mandy?

Having you Ben Russell was really a blast.

I hate it that those times well…they just did not last.

In New York we rode on the bus and saw sites

Being with you made this trip a delight.

We have shopped til we dropped both here and abroad.

Mackinaw, Frankenmuth, Italy, et al.

The huge trip to Bronner’s was really a site.

I can’t believe we were there….a day and a night!

We have shared many smiles, many miles, and some tears

You were always a constant o’er the past thirty plus years

You are more than my child you a friend, one of the best

I cannot wait to see what is in store and how you’ll be blessed.

I am proud of you munchkin, with your huge amazing heart.

And I knew that I would be right from the start.

I know God will bless you and make clear your way

Right now I must stop and say, Happy Birthday!

I love you, Momma


Mary said...

Love the ditty! Happy birthday to Kat!

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Happy Birthday Kathryn!! What a gorgeous gal you are! I can tell your Momma is as proud as a peacock and rightfully so. Blessings to you and yours on your special day and always sweet Kathryn!

Karen you have a darling daughter! She is one year older than my son Russ, born in 81. Great writing Karen, I can tell you love to do it. Thanks for stopping by! I know I've been MIA for a bit. And believe me the next time we go to Alabama I will let you know. We may be going to visit my nephew this fall for a few days. Oh how I'd love to meet you in person!

Blessings and big hugs! Sherry