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8 Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?”And I said, “Here am I. Send me!”

Monday, June 6, 2011

Yuck! Lima Beans!

I am taking two online courses this summer.  One has to do with cell-phones and the other with twitter, facebook, my space, and you tube.  I kind of figured since I could not beat them...I would utilize them.  In one of the classes for orientation week we had to write about the weirdest lunchroom food we had ever experienced....mine was prune-ghetti.  Once when I DID eat in our school cafeteria one of the teachers pulled a whole prune out of her about gross....I think that was the last time I ate in the lunchroom.  Our superintendent was a man with a dry sense of humor and he dubbed it prune-ghetti, talked to the lunchroom manager about it, found out why she used it (it is a filler), and discontinued the practice.  That was the weirdest food story I used for my class....but as I sat here reliving the prune-ghetti incident  it made me remember a time many moons ago...when I was in elementary school at Belvedere in West Palm Beach.  I DO NOT eat lima, speckled, white....I don't care for the taste or the consistency they have in my mouth....and one Friday we had fish sticks(large Catholic population in our school), peaches, succotash (lima beans, corn, and carrots)....I ATE the corn and carrots....I love those veggies...and after I had finished my milk, put the lima beans in the I would have a happy plate and get an ice cream sandwich later.  One of the little girls in my class (and I do not remember who)....told my teacher about my action.  She walked along the tables checking our plates and stopped when she got to mine....picked up the carton....shook it....poored the now milky limas back on my tray and made me eat they were....covered in milk.  I gagged and gagged and cried and cried....but had to sit there....until each bean was eaten.  The teacher told me if I threw up she would get more and I would have to eat them....I have HATED lima beans since that day.  I was so glad when I became and adult....and did not have to eat the veggies I did not like.  I was also glad when I became a teacher....because I meant that no child was ever going to have to be subjected to that kind of treatment!  When I was younger my mom would always make me TRY bite.  It was ok if I didn't like them....she didn't like squash....but my dad loved she fixed it a lot during the summer...and she always tried one bite .  One day....she discovered her tastes had changed and she actually liked squash.....I like squash too.....but I still don't like limas.  She always made me try liver too (I was anemic)....liver stinks!  I always tried it.....and still don't like it.  There is not enough ketchup in this world to make me like liver.  Frank loves livers....and my motto is....if he wants them....we can go eat somewhere that serves them....hello KFC!  Livers are gross...period.  Funny thing....I will eat fish almost anyway you can serve it...(except whole), I will eat veggies steamed, raw, cooked, in casseroles...there are not many I don't like.  I love okra....but fried only....please don't boil it or put it in is slimy....and gross.  I have tried escargot (not a fan....just tried).....but as for lima beans....give me the liberty to not have to eat the things if I don't want to....give me green beans, pintos or black eyed peas, sugar peas, or any other kind of pea/bean....just keep your limas to yourself.  Hope you have a wonderful is going to be another scorcher here!


sara said...

OH my word, I hate lima beans too!!!

My mom served them once and I didn't want to eat them so I sat and sat there. finally she said "I am going to my room and I want those beans gone when I get back" She says she purposefully didn't say HOW they had to be gone thinking I would throw them away!

Weeellll, honest Sara was still sitting there when she got back and now she HAD to make me eat them. I swallowed each one whole like a pill with my milk!!

To this day I will not eat a lima bean!!!

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

Ok "sista" -- we've now parted ways of "two peas in a pod"...because I LOVE lima beans. I'm with you on that liver though -- my FIL used to say the longer you chewed it...the bigger it got! Hope you're having a great start to Summer vacation....our adult graduation is tomorrow night...but the kid's are still in school until the 17th.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I would never think of prunes as a filler but I guess the kids would poop good! Love the lima bean story.

Sweet Tea said...

Milky Lima Beans?!
That's a horror story!
And I thought the prune in the spaghetti was awful?!

Mary said...

I don't like them either. Not at all. I've tried them as an adult...NOPE.
I have a friend who had a teacher who did the same thing to her, and she threw up. Her mother told the teacher that my friend said she didn't like them. She should've listened.

Alexia said...

That's horrible! I wouldn't ever eat Lima beans again either!