Isaiah 6:8

8 Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?”And I said, “Here am I. Send me!”

Thursday, June 14, 2012

June 14th - KLAMS 2012 - Day 1

We woke up early this morning, got ready and headed to the airport.  Had to back up the driveway to get my pen.  I left it in the fridge.  Ok...restart...back on the road headed to Atlanta.  Four of us would be flying out of Atlanta.  Melissa would meet us in Buffalo since she is flying out of Nashville.  KLAMS 2012 is on.  KLAMS is our acronym for Karen, Linda, Amanda, Melissa, and Susan.  As most of my readers know my friend Mary died in December and one of her bucket list items was to see Niagara I made a Flat Mary and we took her with us.  Our flight was at 10:45 Atlanta time and we got there and through security without a hitch.  We arrived in Buffalo on time and Melissa was waiting on us with the rental van.  The KLAMS are here and raring to go.  We at lunch at the Pearl Street Grill and Brewery in Buffalo.  There was a lovely breeze so we ate outside on the patio.  This big honking bird came over and landed on the table where our food was sitting and investigated it....made me wish we were inside.  The brewery and area around it was lovely. 

After lunch we headed across the border to the Canadian side of Niagara Falls.  Our room would probably be ready by now at the Embassy Suites.  We arrived and checked in and went to our room on the 29th floor.  We had a view that you would not believe.  Take a look at the pictures I took out the window before we even started our walking tour. Tomorrow Nik Wallenda is walking across the falls on a tightrope so a lot of preparartions are being made for that event.  Newscasters are on both sides of the falls from all over the world.  People are here from all over the world.  It is a hub of amazement that is for sure.  We rode the incline down and checked out the falls up close and personal.  They are amazing.  You have to see them to believe cannot show you the mighty sound they make and you can't feel the mist as it sprays you when you look at a picture.  I have definitely seen some amazing sites in my life time and this one ranks right up there with the Grand Canyon. 

We ate dinner at My Cousin Vinny's across from the hotel, saw the falls at night, Amanda and Missi rode the ferris wheel, and.....guess what....we saw a Hookah (sp?) restaurant.  It is a big water bottle pipe that people used to smoke tobacco and who knows what else.  I have to laugh  because when we saw it....Linda explained what it was....and we all looked like country come to town.  We headed back to the motel and died.  Tomorrow we are going to Niagara on the Lake.  I cannot wait.

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