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Friday, June 15, 2012

KLAMS 2012 - June 15th

What a morning it turned out to be.  We had the falls view from our room and proved that 5 women can get ready in a room with only one bathroom!  We had breakfast in the hotel restaurant and met Mark.  He helped us get through the line to have our omelets made and I was thrilled to see oatmeal!  Since I have been sick I have loved having oatmeal for breakfast.  We had a falls view breakfast and it was magnificent.  Mark had his picture made with us after breakfast and then made a picture of us.  I love this place....the people are so nice, the town is so is amazing!

Today is the day that Nik Wallenda is going to walk the falls so things on the street are a bit crazy.  We decided to go to Niagara on the Lake today and be back in time to get dinner and the walk.  The trip there was gorgeous.  We passed through little towns of farming wonders.  Susan, Missi and I were quite enthrolled with the different trees.  Wow there were wineries everywhere, fresh fruit stands, we shopped at the quaint little shops in town(the stores had little iconic items above their signs that were left from earlier days when people would look up to see where the store was) , toured the old apothecary, drove the lake front, and enjoyed the day.  I love this place.  If it weren't for the horrendous winters they have I would live here. 

When we were finished there we drove down to St. Catherines and hoped for some lunch somewhere between here and there.  We found a divey little diner in Virgil.  Susan and I ate a tuna salad sandwich and the rest of the group ate a variety of things.  This was definitely the best I have ever had...but it was food.  At St. Catherines we found a Dollarrama and it was an awesome store.  We are very familiar with Dollar Tree and Dollar General here...but this was the Super Walmart version of them.  We headed back to Niagara Falls, enjoyed the sights, and checked in at hotel #2 - The Ramada.  We ate dinner at the Space Ship restaurant and the food was great!  We headed back downtown after promising the staff at the restaurant that we would be back tomorrow for the Earliest Bird Special.  Parking was going to be difficult tonight because Nik Wallenda was walking across the falls tonight and they were expecting some 100,000 people.  We found a good spot, parked, killed some time at the casino and casino shops and then headed down into the the wrong end.  The incline was about a 1/2 mile down and we began to make our way to it.  The crowd was so thick (a definite claustrophobics nightmare)....and about halfway got stuck in the crowd.  A police officer unknowingly helped us get through the throng of people and I was very grateful to be on the street again and able to breathe.  We found the perfect spot to see the walk and it was awesome.  If you look at the picture below, Nik is the tiny dot in the red shirt under the platform.  Have I mentioned yet that I love this place!
After he presented his passport and did his dance we headed for the incline to get back to the car.  The crowd had been turned loose and the group coming out of the observation platform sounded like a thundering herd of cattle.  Missy and I hurried....Linda caught up....and we lost Amanda and Susan somewhere in the mob.  I bought our three tickets because I could not see the other two.  They knew where we were we felt pretty safe.  Almost to the incline they we knew they were not too far behind us.  We all gathered and went to the car and headed back to the hotel.  It was 2 before I went to sleep.  What an exciting day it has been.  I cannot wait for tomorrow to unfold....Wait!  What am I already is tomorrow.  I have got to sleep.  Night all!

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Debby@Just Breathe said...

Sounds like fun. How awesome to have a view of the falls from your room!