Isaiah 6:8

8 Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?”And I said, “Here am I. Send me!”

Sunday, April 6, 2014


Photo: Spring cake

Boy did I have one pulled on me yesterday.  Marcie invited me several weeks ago to a baby shower for Kruze.  Kruze is one of the twins I have been writing about for quite some time.  The theme was going to be pink and white polka dot.  Everyone was supposed to be wearing it.  I began my search for this pink and white polka dotted top.....because I DO NOT WEAR PINK!  While we were in Knoxville over Spring Break I looked, but to no avail. I found two on Ebay and  ordered them.  One arrived on Weds. and it was a hot pink with white polka dots.  The other arrived on Thursday and it was a true pink with polka dots.  I liked them both.  I was set.  I had my shirts.  We were supposed to wear pink and white polka dot headbands too.....but that was not going to happen.  Saturday morning started with breakfast at Jeff's with Beth, Ron, and Colin.  After breakfast we came home for a bit and then Beth and Renee picked me up for our Girl's Day.  Our first stop was a manicure at Diva Nails in LaGrange.  After mani's we headed to Belks to get our gifts for the baby shower, then on to Longhorn's for lunch.  Part II of this tale is that Randolph Counties prom was last night too....and I was supposed to take pictures of Libby and Will....but we were unsure of the time.  In the middle of lunch we got the call, wolfed down the rest of our lunch and headed to the Towler house.  I took pictures and when we left Renee asked if we could go home via CR 17 to see the new Super Chicken houses going up.  I love nothing better than a good ride on a country road so off we went.  Beth and I took Renee home, Beth dropped me off and I crashed for a bit before getting ready for the shower.  At 10 minutes after 5 Frank got a phone call from Marcie asking us to run to Walmart to pick up 2 large containers of coleslaw.  It seems more people had come to the party than she had expected.  We went to get the coleslaw which put us back at the church about 15 minutes to 6.  I saw two of my church members going to the fellowship hall and saw my cousin Amanda's suburban.  I asked Frank what was going on and why were these people here?  He answered me on the fly with because they had been praying for the baby. I bit and picked up my baby my pink polka dotted shirt and opened the door.  SURPRISE! and there was my cousin Jerry from Hawkinsville, GA.  I stepped back outside and closed the door so I could compose myself.  There was no baby shower.  There were no other people wearing pink polka dots....nope....just me....and the party was for my 60th birthday.  There was my friend Susan from Knoxville, my uncle Larry and aunt Wanda from Dothan, cousins Amanda, Linda and Victor, Johnna, Jerry, Jan, Sherry, Brandy, Gary and Judy.  My friend Deborah and her family, Pam, Porch People (Sherry, Keith, Marcie, Lyndi, and Glenda) Jill and her boyfriend (whom I just met for the 38th time yesterday), my Midway church family, my Rock Mills church family, Kat and Brian, Jeni and Sam...and the list continues.  If I left you out please forgive me.  I have never felt more overwhelmed......or loved.  The food was amazing.  The cakes and other desserts were awesome.  All of these people took time from their busy day to make me feel special.....and you know what?  It worked.  The whole day had been part of one big elaborate plan to surprise me.  God Bless you Everyone.  Thank you all for this wonderful day!  Thank you all for your love.  Pictures will follow soon.


The Bug said...

Oh what a GREAT surprise! Can't wait to see the pictures :)

Debby@Just Breathe said...

That is so awesome!!!! I am so thrilled for you, what a fun surprise. You are loved.....