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8 Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?”And I said, “Here am I. Send me!”

Thursday, April 9, 2009

What Exactly Is Maundy Thursday?

I am fascinated with Passion Week this year....for some unexplained reason. I have just been curious as to why we call these days by certain names and what exactly is it that we do on that day and why? "Today is Maundy Thursday, also known as “Holy Thursday” it is the Thursday of Passion Week, one day before Good Friday (the Thursday before Easter). Maundy Thursday is the name given to the day on which Jesus celebrated the Passover with His disciples, known as the Last Supper. There are two very important events are the focus of Maundy Thursday.

First, Jesus celebrated the Last Supper with His disciples and thereby instituted the Lord’s Supper, also called Communion (Luke 22:19-20). Some Christian churches observe a special Communion service on Maundy Thursday in memory of Jesus’ Last Supper with His disciples. Second, Jesus washed the disciples’ feet as an act of humility and service, thereby setting an example that we should love and serve one another in humility (John 13:3-17). Some Christian churches observe a foot-washing ceremony on Maundy Thursday to commemorate Jesus’ washing the feet of the disciples.

The word “Maundy” is derived from the Latin word for “command.” The “Maundy” in Maundy Thursday refers to the command Jesus gave to the disciples at the Last Supper, that they should love and serve one another. Should we observe Maundy Thursday? The Bible neither commands nor forbids it. It is a good thing to remember the Last Supper and Jesus’ sacrifice on our behalf. It is a good thing to remember the Lord’s example of humility..." Easter is a time when we should be truly focused on God and our relationship to Him....because it was a time long ago...when he was definitely focused on His relationship to us! We are creatures of habits....good and bad....but we as believers should steer away from ritualistic observances of holidays just for the sake of it being a holiday. Maundy Thursday is the next step in the greatest love story ever writte...tomorrow, Black Friday....Christ, a sinless being, will chose to die on the cross for my sins...He did not have to do this....but He did. What great here at this special time of the year....I want to pause and just be grateful that He gave me this great gift of Grace! Happy Holy Week to all my readers.

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