Isaiah 6:8

8 Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?”And I said, “Here am I. Send me!”

Sunday, May 2, 2010

An Ending....and a Beginning

The blooming season ended today with the birth of high winds.  It always saddens me to see the blossoms from my azaleas and my snowball plant drop to the ground.  Today, before the winds hit 25 mph I took my camera out for one last picture.  Aren't they gorgeous?  This will be my last season to see these particular flowers bloom because we are moving.  Two hours after this picture was made there was just a handful of blooms left on the shrubs.  Yep, it is official and listed on the North Alabama Methodist Conference website...Frank was given a new church assignment and we will be leaving Waverly United Methodist and going to Rock Mills United Methodist.  Rock Mills comes with a parsonage so we will be moving sometime in June.  Normally, moving day is the Wednesday before Father's Day weekend....which is the first day of new assignments....but the people at Rock Mills asked if they could fix up the parsonage before we moved in....hey...I am all about new paint and stuff....we even volunteered to help.  Our new church is just outside of Roanoke, AL and a stones throw from the Georgia line.  I will be commuting to BRHS everyday and am excited about that prospect.  I will start having my quiet time with God in the car each morning.  I am naming my prayer time....Hwy 22 prayers.  The parsonage is located on Hwy 22 and this road runs all the way to Alexander City....a straight shot.  There is only two stop lights between me and the parking lot.  If I cut through the mill village there is only about lucky.  I have friends who have commuted for now it is my turn.  I am sad that I will live farther away from Mary....excited that I will only be 20 minutes from Amanda....sad that I will have to give up the Arbor service(I told them...after 10 years...and being there from the beginning....that I was just taking a sabbatical....who a few years....where we will be moved....and I am not one for burning bridges.  I am excited about our new ministry opportunities.  So it is with mixed emotions that life continues.  I am fortunate that my mom is in Alex City at Adams Nursing Home and I will be here five days a week for work so I will see her daily.  I am also lucky that I am only 45 minutes away in case I am needed.  We could have been given a north Alabama church...say...Huntsville...or Tuscaloosa.  So, with my new venture facing is time to get out the boxes...and start packing. 
Thought I would share the snowballs with you too....they seem to have held up a little better in the wind.  Have a blessed Sunday...and a great week next week.  I am counting down the days....20 to go. Whoo hoo!


Mary said...

The flowers are lovely! The Lord knows what he's doing, assigning y'all to someplace near Alex City so you can be there for your mom! I know that is a BIG relief! Only 18 for us: 2 more Mondays!

ModernMom said...

Your flowers are so beautiful!
New here so thought I would say Hello and how much I enjoyed reading through your blog today!