Isaiah 6:8

8 Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?”And I said, “Here am I. Send me!”

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Life is Fragile....Handle with Prayer

Please say a prayer today for the Davidson family.  Jim, the father, was my boss up until this year...and on Sunday their only daughter, Whitney was killed in a single- car accident.  She was only 24 years old.  My heart grieves for the family right now.  Whitney was so full of life.  This has been a rather tragic beginning to a week.  I think I will be glad when it is over.  The dreaded pink slips were handed out at school yesterday....there was a lot of tears, wailing, and gnashing of teeth.  I remember the pink slip days well.  When I first went to work....the state was in proration (nasty word)...and I was pinked every year for the first three years I taught.   I was always hired back....but the pinking itself is very traumatic.  The band director at the Middle School, Crystal Parker, was also in a bad accident on Sunday.  Her car left the road, flipped a few times, and ended upside down....submerged in water.  A nurse and her husband happened to witness the whole thing...and the nurse got into the car and held Crystals head out of the water.  How lucky is that?  Crystal was airlifted to Columbus and has been in critical we heard that she was aware.  How great is our God!  I found a great poem I just had to share with you today. Life is fragile....and we need to enjoy every moment.

Life is an opportunity, benefit from it.
Life is beauty, admire it.
Life is a dream, realize it.
Life is a challenge, meet it.
Life is a duty, complete it.
Life is a game, play it.
Life is fragile, hold it.
Life is a promise, fulfill it.
Life is sorrow, overcome it.
Life is a struggle, accept it.
Life is a tragedy, confront it.
Life is an adventure, dare it.
Life is luck, make it.
Life is precious, do not destroy it.
Life is life, fight for it.
- Unknown

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Mary said...

Oh my. Could the end of the year be any more difficult? They are both in my prayers!