Isaiah 6:8

8 Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?”And I said, “Here am I. Send me!”

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Jury Is In

Well, today, after almost a year of trying I am officially my mom's guardian.  I had to take today off so that I could meet with the lawyers and Gloria Sinclair, the Probate Judge, concerning my mom.  Yesterday I came home physically ill about what was facing me today.  I woke up this morning as nervous as a cat...I asked Frank why my mom suffered from dementia....why such an active, beautiful spirit was stricken by such a nasty illness....of course he had no answers for me....and I know it is all in God's hands......and I truly do know that this is all part of his plan....but this morning I had a case of the Why Me's and Why Her's.  Anyways,  once we were in chambers and sworn in and the questions began I calmed down.  I knew I was doing the right thing....although I have to saddens me to know that my mom will never experience life with me as we knew it....again.  At 11:00 we finally left the judges chambers....I am now offically bonded and that, I have to admit is scary.  After leaving Dadeville we then began the bank circuits....we had to go to each bank and see what she had and get my name on all her accounts.  The first bank was the biggest accounts....there was a safety deposit box there that we had to inventory.  We took care of that first...and it was a huge disappointment.  The box was a large one...and very heavy.  I knew it would not contain jewels and wads of money...but I really thought it would contain a will.....not so.  What it did contain was coin proof sets, silver certificates, and a few other odd pieces of coinage.  It was a numismatists delight.  I did not understand why these particular coins were in the bank.  We found others...just like the house in pizza boxes...what gives?  Who knows what was wandering through my parents minds.  We left there and went to Aliant bank...that took over an hour...because their computers were down and everything had to be done by a typewriter....can you believe that?  I did not even know they still made the things...but yep...there it was on our CSM's desk...a big old albatross typewriter.  She was lovely....but it just took a long time.  After was on to the insurance company to get that changed...then on to Mutual Savings Credit was the quickest...they have to do their stuff through their legal department.  I did not see what the big deal was...I had a certified said I was guardian...nuff said.....Obviously not.  Back to Wachovia between Aliant and MSCU because I forgot to change the address....the only bank we did not hit in Alex City was Regions...thank goodness.  We left the banks, went by the United Methodist District office, the print shop, my mom's...and headed home...just in time to get a lesson ready for Youth tonight.  I am beat.  We are by no means finished.  I have to contact lawyers in Rockford to see if a will exists and if it does...get it probated...I have to sell all her stuff.....I have to keep immaculant records...sheesh...I am not an accountant for a reason.  Anyways...finally home...long day....headed to bed.  Tomorrow...I get to see how well my students behaved in my absence....ohhhh...and my intern showed up today...without me knowing she was coming.....I had not heard from her since May/June.  I did not know when she was coming....SURPRISE!  I am excited about having an intern....I enjoy them...and learn a lot from them....but I hate that she came today and I left her with a sub.  Oh well...Que sera sera...what will be, will be.....won't it?  Happy Weds to all...and to all a good night.


maddie/cadesmimi said...

Wow, what a day for you! I hope things will work out okay in the end. We just moved my MIL to a Personal Care Home. She didn't want to go, but it was time. I don't care for this phase of life much...but we don't get a choice, do we? Best wishes, Kathy

Mary said...

Praying for you, Karen! I know that had to be an incredibly hard thing for you to do, but you know you're doing the right thing. And, you're going to do a great job taking care of your mom.
I can't believe your intern didn't call and let you know she was coming today...hope this isn't a sign of things to come!