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8 Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?”And I said, “Here am I. Send me!”

Monday, August 2, 2010

Thanks for the Memories

We left Mackinaw City at 3:00 and headed to Frankenmuth.  Frankenmuth is a little Bavarian/German town in the Eastern part of Michigan.  Once again sweet Brian got us some information so that we could have a room ready and waiting when we arrived.  We were going to be staying at another Marriot/Fairfield Inn place and to be honest...I was ready.  We checked in and took all our stuff up to the room.....and the room stunk.  This was our first bad room experience.  It smelled like an ashtray that had been wet.  It was gross.  Kat and I both began to start clogging up.  Mary phoned downstairs and asked if they could move us....the sign said that it would cost us an additional 250.00 if smoking had occurred in this room.  I didn't want to pay the extra money for something we did not do.  The lady at the front desk was most apologetic....but there were no other rooms like ours.  She would notate that we reported the smell.  Then she came up with a great plan.  There were two king-sized bedrooms...and she would give them to us....for the same price as the room we had.  Sounded like a plan to me....and they were right across the hall.  We went from having a room with the view of the parking a room with a view of the top of the building next door.  We moved in, went to eat and explore a bit before bedtime. We ate at a charming little restaurant...I had the blue plate special....and guess was served on a Blue Willow plate.  Cute huh?

Our explorations were to Bronner's CHRISTmas (and I spelled it right) Village.  It is the mega store for Christmas decorations and gifts.  It is like 2 - 3 SAMS clubs put together...huge....we were there about 1.5 hours the first night.  I thought the little sign was cute so I took a picture of it.  I also took pictures of several wreaths....I was not about to pay 75.00+ dollars for something I can make myself if I want to.  There in lies the problem....I can make it....but will I?
The girls went to the hotel next door to swim and get in the hot tub....I went to the room and caught up on my reading and my emails.  It was also nice to take a shower without having to worry about somebody waiting for me.  The next morning we ate breakfast....and returned to Bronners.  We would spend 5 hours of our lives in this place before we left.
We did visit the Silent Night Chapel first thing and it was neat.  It is a replica of the real Chapel where Silent Night was first performed.
Outside the chapel on little plaques are the words to Silent Night in many languages.  Their goal is to have it in every language known to man.  Did you know there is actually a language called Karen?
Inside the chapel there is a shadow box that is filled with the materials it took to make it and many other historical information.  It was a beautiful experience.  On Christmas Eve the Bronner family invites anyone who wants to come to be there for the singing of Silent Night. 

As an old ASP'er I thought this was pretty neat.  I am going to share this with Jimmy Yates when I get home.  It would be something fun for them to remember past ASP trips.

After five hours at Bronners we thought we were going to have to put Mandy and Kat on the roof to get home.  The car was very full.  We checked out the town, there was a Glockenspiel, a Cheese Haus, and lots of other fun stuff.  We ate lunch at Tiffany's bar and then headed on to Ann Arbor to see the Michigan Stadium....impressive.

The story that the clock tells is of the Pied Piper of Hamlin.  Very sad children's story for sure.  You know...most of the Grimm Brothers fairy tales were scary.

Aren't our little Hansel and Gretel cute.  You should have heard us making up the most horrendous Germanic sounding language.  Do you think we might have been tired?
Outside of the restaurant where we had supper...was a chicken got it....see
See the EDBD beak?  We left Frankenmuth, got some Tim's Nuts (donut holes at someplace Mary knew) headed for Ann Arbor...and then we made a quick stop at Cabela's.  We spent the last night on the road in Beavercreek, Oh.  We are exhausted for sure....but we would be home on Friday.
Almost 2500 miles later....we returned home....road weary....but still alive.  It was a great trip...and if you ever get a chance to make this trip....I would say...."Go for it!"  It was a great experience.  Next year we are going to Niagara Falls.....I can't wait.


Jacki said...

I love Frankenmuth! We go every time we visit family in Michigan!

Did you know you can visit Bronners online? I do alot of that...and I LOVE the chicken dinners!!

Mary said...

LOVE the sign! Reading all of these posts makes me wonder: Did y'all look up all of these places online to see what cool stuff there was along the way? It seems like y'all visited some out of the way places!

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

What a great trip! Ya'll saw so much -- thanks for taking us along. And thanks for stopping by my new car post and guessing -- good luck!