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Friday, August 20, 2010

Week in Review

What a week it has been and for the second time in two weeks I have only been to school for 4 days.  I am absolutely beat every night when I come home so what will it be like next week when I have morning bus duty and work five days?
Monday was pretty uneventful - Mary, Rita, and Cindi went to see Eat, Pray, Live for Cindi's birthday.  I was invited but declined.  I was just too tired.  My biggest fear was that I would pay the huge price for a theater ticket and sleep through the movie....sorry Julia....I was that tired.  I came home and worked on lesson plans for Weds. when I was going to have to be out.
Tuesday was a flash.  I told my classes that if they misbehaved while I was out that the sub would be told to take up their portfolios worth 152 - 191 points and the grade would stand.  I also threw in that if they were good there would be a reward on Friday.  I really thought that my classes would be perfect....Thursday I would find out that that is what I get for thinking.  Went by to see my mom.  She was weird today.  She asked me again if I remembered when she was a little girl and I took them on a picnic in the woods.  To be honest....I don't ever remember being with my mom in the woods....even as a child myself.  She must have plagiarized this memory from one of my kids.  I will have to ask them.
Wednesday was court day and then the rest of the day was spent trying to take care of my mom's affairs.  I went by to see my mom with Frank and today was a better day.  She asked me if Frank and I were married.  Sigh!  Somedays I wish she remembered nothing....then it would not hurt so much.....but then I think...yeah it would hurt worse.
Thursday I returned to school to find one lonely stack of portfolios sitting on my desk.  I did not even have to open one to know which class they belonged to.  My last class of the day really showed out.  I wrote two coaches emails and told them of their athletes shenanigans and then graded the portfolios.  The highest grade was a 172/191....and that would be a 100 for me...the next grade was a 68/191.  By the time my last class got to me on Thursday I could have spit nails.  They came in complaining about the sub and I told them quickly to be quiet.  I reminded them of what they had been told....their faces spoke volumes...especially when I told them that I had graded every portfolio.  One of the offenders was absent on Thursday....good thing.  I told them that if they did not open their mouths....unless I asked them a question or asked them to repeat something.....I MIGHT give them their portfolios back to finish that night for homework.  You could have heard a pin drop in my just before the bell rang....I passed out their portfolios.  They were so relieved.
Friday was Camo Coosa day.  Tonight is our Jamboree.  It is a game that does not count against our record.  The weather forcaster said their was a 70% chance of rain.  I gave my first classes their treats....they got donuts or cupcakes...and there were a few left when my last class came in.  Several asked me if they could have one....and I told them...."no had your chance....and blew it....maybe next time you will behave when I am out."  I took three of the worst offenders to the side and told them the ground rules.  If they misbehave again....I will call their parents.  The next is a discipline referral....and everytime there after.  I meant what I said....ANY discipline is sad that 10 days of school have passed...and I have a behavior sheet already started on three students.  COME ON your job at home!  All three boys are athletes...and their coaches are aware of their shenanigans....I hope they like running hills and laps...because if I write them up...that is what they will get after detention.  At our school we give the kids multiple chances before a write up....First offense...verbal warning....second offense verbal warning with consequences explained...third...parents called...fourth...the referrals begin.  I so miss the days of corporal punishment.  I remember those huge paddles that hung on the wall behind the Dean of Boys desk.....oh yes....I think we have spared the rod and spoiled the child.....Sigh!  Went by to see my mom was storming....and headed home.  TGIF!

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Trina said...

At least you won't have bus duty tomorrow morning. :) I'll be there will bells on.

I wonder if your mom was thinking you were HER mom? Maybe as a child, she and your grandmother went on a picnic in the woods???

This weekend will be our Hartselle weekend. I wonder what questions will come up this time.