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8 Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?”And I said, “Here am I. Send me!”

Friday, August 6, 2010

Week in Review

This is my final week before school starts and it has been a hectic one.  I have had to get used to the hour commute to school and back.  It was pleasant this week.....schools were not in session yet.  I can't wait to see what it is like next week when I leave an hour earlier.
Monday - Frank and I went to Newnan to find him some sandals and to go to the movies.  I had my heart set of seeing Eclipse...but settled for the Socerer's Apprentice.  I love Nicholas Cage and this movie was very good.  The beginning was a little slow....because it set the scene for what was to come....but once the action started it was very fast paced, even scary in some parts.  I would not recommend this for small is definitely not a Disney animated flick....but then...I personally thought the Disney movie was a little on the dark side.
Tuesday - First day at work.  We had a meeting at 8:00 for the entire system so I had to be there early to get a parking space that was not in the lower 40.  Our campus is laid out weird and we are land locked so parking is at a premium.  Billy Coleman was our motivational speaker and if you read my Tuesday post you got the gist of his speech.  I like hearing him talk.  He is Southern through and through.  It sounds cute.  I know...what grown man wants to be cute sounding....but he does.  After lunch, unless you had a department meeting (core classes only) then you worked in your room.  I did just that.  I cleaned my desks, straightened them into rows, hooked up the computers in my room, and put my stuff back on my desk.  By the end of the day I was well pleased with my progress.  After work I went by to see my mom and visited with her for about 45 minutes.  I got home an hour 5:15.  Long day.  I tried to crash on the couch....but Frank was not having any of I was up and moving bed by 9:30.  What happened in the World today....How would I know...I did not wait up for the 10:00 news. 
Wednesday - Second day at work.  I had a training session at 8 and then one at 1:15.  Today I had a MacBook training session with my boss, Mr. Reyes and it was fun actually.  I have a MacBook and love it.  I took this session because I wanted a refresher course in my computer.  I am glad I did.  The second session was after lunch (on your own - my favorites)....and it was about the new information accountability program our system has gone to.  It is replacing STI.  I am not a fan of the new INow.  It has many bugs in very fragile....and because of this we are going to have to keep hard copy back ups.  If one of the other schools in our systems program goes down....we all go down.  We just thought STI was a pain.  I hate being part of a pilot program sometimes.  I got home about 4:30 and we went to see Randy and Ramona in the Valley.  I had a couple of Christmas ornaments I wanted to get to Ramona as a small token of thanks for her hospitality back in June.  Mary and I got them at Bronners in Frankenmuth.  I want Dustin and Ramona to go to Frankenmuth....they are big fans of Germany...and they would love this place. 
Thursday - Third day at work.  We had a technology training session at 8 and it was so much fun.  Mr. Reyes did an inservice on using cell phones in the classroom with a polling program, iTouch, iPad, Skype, MacBooks, he covered it all.  I looked at my watch when we began....right on time...and I looked at my watch again...thinking we had only been there about 45 minutes....and 2 hours had passed....NOW that is my kind of training session.  We are going to have several mini sessions like that throughout the session on how to use GarageBand in your fun is that going to be.  I am so glad we did not have to sit for 4 hours and listen to someone teach us how to Kill Dendrites(Don't ask).  Lunch today was catered for us by our new lunchroom program, Chartwell.  WE HAVE A CHEF on our campus.  They served us...freshly made pizza (delish), Caesar salad (yummy)...and a peach crisp that was to die for.  The manager came around and asked us how we liked the food...and asked us to encourage the kids to give them a try.  This lunch was a far cry from the pruneghetti days. (Our lunchroom manager used prunes to thicken spaghetti sauce and the teachers could not understand why the kids all seemed to have to go to the bathroom at the same time after lunch....well DUH!  Nobody understood this phenomena...until a teacher found a whole prune in her spaghetti....I think that was the last time I ate in the lunchroom....I pack my lunch now)....besides....we have 22 get to the lunch room, get the food, eat it, and get back to class.  If I eat my lunch in my room....I have 22 minutes to eat my lunch and go to the restroom.
Friday - today is the last free non-weekend day I will have for a while.  We are NOT required to go to school today....BUT...if you are not finished...the school is open and you can go and work.  I am done.  I have first period planning on Monday and I brought some things home with me....I decided to opt out of the hour commute today.  Frank and I are going visiting.  I like visiting....BUT....I have worked this week....and he has been here....I don't want to feel like every day I have off....I am going to have to go visiting with him.  HE can do that during the week while I am away.  My week days, starting next week will be long ones...leaving the house at 5:45 - working til 3:30 at least...visiting with my mom...til 4:15...and getting home about 5:15ish.  That is nearly a twelve hour day....four hours later...I will be crashing I assure you.  I am expecting....cleaned least bed made and dishes in the dishwasher....and supper at least started.  Come that too much to ask?
Saturday - the Ministerial Association has been invited to the Middle School here to pray for the schools and the school year.  We will be in attendance.  It is also Wehadkee Trade Days and we will be there too.  Sometime during the day I am going to work on school stuff and do some light housekeeping (dusting, mopping, vacuuming). 
Sunday - We will be at church, I have a shower in Alex City at 2 for one of my former students.  She is getting married and I have to put in an appearance.  I will also go see my mom, back for church again and choir practice.  Sundays can sometime be the neverending day.  This sounds like it might be one of those.  Of course it will be early to bed since I want to be bright eyed and bushy tailed for the kiddos on Monday.  Have a wonderful weekend!  God Bless Each and Everyone One of You.

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Mary said...

You're in for some long days.
No fair that you had some good inservices!