Isaiah 6:8

8 Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?”And I said, “Here am I. Send me!”

Monday, March 26, 2012

Facebook - To Use or Or Not To Use

My brother-in-law, Bill posted this on his facebook this weekend and as I read it I had to agree with him and whoever created this poster.  I joined facebook to share pictures with friends, talk to my children, get a message to someone who has a blackberry and gets updates on their phone, catch up with old friends from when I was growing up in Florida, and when I did join was pretty much like that.  I am the kind of person who does talk to you on the street.....a people lover.  I have thoroughly enjoyed catching up with my school classmates and finding out what they have been doing for the past 40+ years.  My high school page administrator is awesome at spreading news about everyone, from deaths to sucesses.  This to me is what facebook is for.  I have found former students, I got to see Amy's picture of our grandchild that will be born in July. I have celebrated weddings, births, and successes with people who used to be a major part in my life and are now a major part of my life.  This concept makes me love what facebook is. Frank and I can keep up with his family who live far away and my family who live also live near and far.  I love this aspect of facebook.  What I don't like about facebook is how fast someone can get mad at you with one hit of the button de-friend you.  I don't like the drama.  I don't like the game requests, hearts, jewels, etc.  I just want to know about you.  I understand that you can misread something in is all in how you read it.  You type something and I am I take it in a good sense.  You type something and I am get my drift.  Nothing will ever replace the human voice. Facebook has good and bad points.  You can see gorgeous pictures and read scripture and uplifting comments.....and you can be defriended, meet an old love and pick up where you left off, and read slamming comments.  By the way....when and if I post a status....I promise you it is not about you and if I make a comment to you....I do not respond in all caps.  My comments are always user friendly. What do you want to get out of facebook?  I have been defriended a time or two, friended back, only to find myself defriended again, "c'est la vie".  Life happens.  Yep...when it is family that defriends stings for a bit...but then I realize....this is facebook.....and my life goes on.  When I weigh the good and bad of facebook....I find more least for me....than bad.  I still enjoy keeping up and finding old friends....and I love the pictures.  It is a different way to keep up with the lives of those you know and love and for that reason....I will continue to use it.  For those of you who send me messages....I may not answer them immediately because I don't hang out on interrupts my playing time of Words With Friends....ahhhhh the electronic have got to love it.  What are your feelings about facebook?  Care to share?  If so...leave me a comment and I promise to respond.  Happy Monday!


The Bug said...

I like Facebook & spend WAY too much time on there (mostly playing WWF - ha!). I have a nice mix of friends from all walks of life - it's interesting to read their takes on things. I do post my liberal leanings, but I try not to rag on the folks who still think the president was born in Kenya. I think if we're all civil it can be a lot of fun - fortunately most of my friends are civil!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I like Facebook. I never spent too much time on it but now that I have a smart phone I check in more often. I have meet so many people from my past. The main reason I did it was to see what's going on in the lives of my nieces and great nieces in Florida.

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

I enjoy facebook, last year for Lent I gave up all the games and things that are on FB and I found that it was an easy thing to give up. I do enjoy keeping in touch with family members and seeing what is happening in their lives. I have had to hide or unfriend only a few people for posting inappropriate content that I found offensive. My basic rule of thumb is that I never post anything on my FB that I would not want my child to read, seeing as how she is one of my friends. Plus I do have to keep up with what is going on being a parent of a teenager. Got to keep current and know what is out there!