Isaiah 6:8

8 Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?”And I said, “Here am I. Send me!”

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Silly Little Questions - Big Impressive Answers

I love my time with the munchkins at Midway.  They are so full of love for Jesus and I love asking them questions.....and seeing what their responses will be.  Sometimes they are so smart beyond their years and I forget they are children.  Other times they are so eager to respond and the child comes pouring from their mouths.  No matter what I get....I find it is one of the most refreshing things I do in church.  Yesterday....I asked them some silly questions....and was I impressed with their responses.

•Good morning!

•Can you tell me how you got here, to the church building, today? (by car; walked) 

•For those of you who got here by car - did you drive the car? (No)

•Why not? (can't drive)

•If you can't drive, how do you get to work in the mornings? (We don't work)

•You don't work!? [Pause. Pretend to think]

•Well, if you can't drive and you don't work, then how do you get food to eat? (family gives it to me)

•You're telling me that other people give you food? (yes)

•Well, that's really nice of them, isn't it? (yes)

•So what all of my silly questions are meant to do is to help us remember that we need each other's help.

Jesus tells his disciples this, “Being the best and the greatest does not welcome me or God into your life.”

•In other words, Jesus is telling his disciples to stop trying to be “know-it-alls” and to instead be more like you: To be people who know that they could use some help from time to time.

•Because, when we know we need help, then we are much better at accepting help.

•This may seem like a simple thing, but this is a really important thing to remember.

•So I’m going to say it again:

•When we know we need God’s help, then we are much better at accepting God’s help.

•And when we do accept God’s help, then our best will become even better.

•And that’s the good news for today

CLOSING Prayer •Let’s pray. 

Dear God,Thank you for Jesus... ...who teaches and shows us… …how to do our best… …by asking for and accepting...   …your help.    Thank you and amen

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