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Sunday, January 9, 2011

All Along Hwy 22, or Project 365 - Week 2

Week 2 is over for Project 365 and my camera and I have been joined at the hip all week long.  I have been using my little Nikon Cool Pix.  I got it to travel with because it is so easy to use, I can slip it into my carry on, and it weighs nearly nothing.  I think I am going to try my Minolta Digital for Week 3 and see if there is anything different about my pictures...and then I may try my Minolta old school camera....the one that actually uses film.  What a concept.  My week has been productive....this was our first week back at school since December 17th and it has been a tough one.  I have come home every night....sharing pictures with my precious Frank, and crashing....if I could.  I sort of had a theme for the week and the majority of my pictures came from my ride to or from school....down Hwy 22.  Thanks Sara for hosting this.  If you get a chance visit her site and check out the other participants pictures....Wait...maybe don't...then you will think I am a wonderful photographer....just kidding.  Here is my week in pictures.

The parsonage is bordered on two sides by a pasture owned by Towler Farms.  Sunday morning before six I was outside with my camera in hopes to catch a pretty sunrise....what I got was Keith and Chris's barn.  I thought it had an almost mirror like face on it.  You can see the puffy white clouds and the sun peeking out.  It was such a peaceful shot I had to include it....oh...and it is located on Hwy 22.
This was my view on Monday evening when I was headed home.  The sun was setting behind me....and I was in a heavily treed area.  "The road is long...with many a winding turn...that leads me to who knows where...who knows where."  Bee Gees.  This is one of the most peaceful times of the day. When we got home we went to Beth(our church pianist) and Ron's so Beth could play and I could sing...and afterwards we went to Sonny's for dinner.  Roanoke does not have a ton of eating choices.  The food was good, the company was better.  I posted with this picture earlier in the week because I have such a thing about hands.

I was excited about Tuesday.  I had nothing to do tonight, Frank had a Firefighters meeting....and I was going to have some major down time.  It felt good.  On my way home on Hwy 22 I found a fascinating barn just outside of Daviston....and I am as fascinated by barns as I am by hands. 
Wednesday I started Mandolin lessons at Granddaddy's Music just outside of Roanoke on Hwy 22.  It is a neat place and I am excited about this new venture.  I have to really hustle because my lesson is at 4:30 and I am not supposed to leave school until 3:30...and it takes an hour for me to get home.  I was early on Wednesday because there was absolutely no traffic hendering me on Hwy 22.  I took the photo just before turning in to park.  When I left after my was pitch black and I had to hustle to get home and get to church.  Wednesday was a busy, busy day.
I bowl on a league on Thursday nights with my sweet Frank.  It used to be one of our only nights of togetherness back when my parents lived with us....but now we just enjoy it.  On Thursdays Frank takes me to work and I enjoy having someone else in the car with me.  He returns at 3:30 to pick me up, we run errands, go see my mom (this is Frank's only day to visit), and then eat supper and go bowl.  We get home somewhere around 10.  I head for bed because tomorrow is another day.  My ABFF lives on Hwy 22 too.  She just lives nearly 50 miles away from me.  We stopped by her house because there were some interesting things to photograph.  On her door was a Mardi Gras wreath....what kind of wreath do you put on your door after Christmas?....anyways, in her yard...was a remnant of Christmas...A Charlie Brown manger set.  I could not resist. I love Mardi Gras colors and have always loved Charlie Brown.  I kind of always felt like his soulmate.


The shadow of my little HHR looks like Shrek's head don't you think?  I thought the clouds and sun were
just lovely.  Don't you.  I spend two hours a day in my car....commuting back and forth from Roanoke to Alexander City and back....all along Hwy 22.  The scenery is awesome....and I have had people ask me how I could stand this ride....well, you have seen all the evidences of God's nature I am bombarded with on my daily road trip.  I can't imagine NOT riding it.
My final day of the week to take pictures and I thought I would finish each week with a church sign.  Our church has a do about 10 others I pass every day down Hwy 22....but today, sitting in the same parking lot with us was a great sign at Rock Mills Baptist Church....right there on Hwy today's sign is theirs.  Have a blessed Sunday....and remember to save your fork....The best is yet to come!


Edie Marie's Attic said...

Happy New Year Karen!! Great photos!! I cracked up at the Shrek head shadow!! LOL It really does look like him LOL!
Congrats on your Great Grandbaby... how exciting. It doesn't get any better than that!

Blessings to you and yours dear Karen! Hugs, Sherry

Mary said...

I think I like Wed.'s picture best! The Bee Gees sang that? I thought it was The Osmonds?

sara said...

great week!

You live in a beautiful area!!

we were just bowling last night and I am a bit sore this morning...I am a terrible bowler!

the shadow of your car DOES look like shreks head! ha!

Kim said...

I liked the reference to the fork at the end -- great story :)
It is a beautiful drive, at least from your photos. But I'd have a hard time doing two hours in the car every week day, even with a pretty view.
Way to go with the mandolin lessons! The only thing I play is the radio :)
Have a wonderful week!

Amy said...

You have taken some wonderful pictures!! I love the Mardi Gras wreath and I too love Charlie Brown. Your drive is long but it is a beautiful one. Mandolin lessons??? sounds like great fun!!

Have a great week.

skoots1mom said...

love your pics...especially the rock mills sign, hhahaha!

Mimi said...

OMG, my mini van looks like Shrek's head too, lol!

Hugs & love,

The Bug said...

Great pictures! I drive nearly an hour to work each day & my commute looks a lot like yours :)

Rebecca Jo said...

HAHA... it DOES look like Shrek!!!

I love barns & roads that lay ahead so I really enjoyed your pictures this week

Angie said...

Fun pics. You did have a busy week.

I have often thought the shadow of my minivan looks like Shrek. I actually had that thought on the way to church tonight. How funny, someone else has the same thought.

I love quippy church signs.

Great week!

momma frans said...

Hahaha! The church marquee is hilarious! I love the picture of the barn. I'm a sucker for landscape shots.

Ladynred said...

Beautiful shots here! Love the road!