Isaiah 6:8

8 Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?”And I said, “Here am I. Send me!”

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Playing the Mandolin

Wednesday, I began mandolin lessons at Granddaddy's Music in Roanoke.  I got there are 20 minutes early and a group of men where playing instruments.....they handed me a guitar and told me to I did.  It was fun jamming with some seasoned veterans....but....Today, my hand hurts. My actual lesson was about 45 minutes of actual playing.  Mr. Granddaddy taught me a lot.  It was a lot of fun sitting at the feet of the I did as a child when my grandfather taught me to play the guitar.   The mandolin in this picture is NOT the one I am learning on.  This one was my grandfathers.  I remember as a child listening to him play beautifully on any stringed instrument.  I would be afraid to play this would probably break. mandolin looks a lot like a guitar...only smaller.  Mine is an A style of tear drop arthritic fingers were stretched to the max yesterday.  I have exercises to do every day to lengthen my hand spread and I have to practice 30 minutes a day.  Yesterday I learned bluegrass chords D, C, and G.  I also learned how to run the scales and change keys simply by moving my hand in a sliding motion.  I learned a chop chord and learned to play and sing with myself playing, "I'll Fly Away."  I was beat when I left....but no rest for the weary.  All the way home I smiled a huge smile because I could just imagine my grandfather smiling down at me for doing this.  I had youth at church last night so I had to go straight home, pick up Frank and head to pick up our youth and get to the church.  By the time we got home finally....ate supper, I cleaned up the hands were aching.  I rubbed the left one down with some heat rub and hit the bed.  I physically slept well....but mentally my brain never shut this morning...I am dying.....and tonight we bowl.  No rest for this weary one.  Happy Thursday!  Tomorrow is a Teacher Workday....Whoooo Hoooo...and I am so looking forward to it!....Well, except for the workshop on child abuse.  Those always distress me.


sara said...

We surprised my son with a mandolin last Christmas...I love listening to it. And apparently he gets to play in a lot of the worship teams at school because everyone loves the sound!

Xazmin said...

Wow! What a full couple of days. I hope your hands get feeling better!

I love that you are learning a new talent! You should post a video of you playing!

Hope your 2011 is going wonderfully!

Mary said...

I've always wanted to play the guitar; it's such a cool instrument! I'm sure your grandfather was looking down on you! How comforting!