Isaiah 6:8

8 Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?”And I said, “Here am I. Send me!”

Saturday, January 15, 2011

What Linda Ronstadt, Terri Clark and I Have in Common

I think I am Linda Ronstadt's or at least Terri Clarks twin from another mother.....What a week it has been and I have not dealt with it well at all.  I am so ready for either a trip to the beach or Spring.  Sunday night we called off church because the icy weather was due to start rolling in after lunch and we did not want any of our congregation getting hurt.  Sunday night my school called and our first day of the Second Semester was called due to icing road conditions.  Monday I spent all day photographing the ice, praying that we would not lose power...which by the way we didn't....thank you God for that, cooking, and being lazy.  By Monday night I was totally looking forward to heading back to school on does not take much to get me out of snow mode.  Monday night the nursing home called and my mom had fallen and had a bump on her head and back.  Of course when they asked her if she was alright from the fall...she informed them that she "Did Not Fall....she was just resting in the floor."  Only my mom!  The school called and said we would be starting late.  I was secretly relieved....even though I was excited about going back to school I was frightened about the thought of driving over the Tallapoosa River Bridge in Wadley in the dark.  I am from South Florida people...Snow + Karen = disaster!  Tuesday morning rolled around and I got up and left only to have to turn around and go home again because the roads were impassable. now cabin fever has me in its clinches.  Frank went to a meeting and I stayed home and did absolutely nothing except look out at the gray sky.  Wednesday morning I decided to brave the elements and head to school.  The roads were still scary and it was dark when I was traveling them....but I made it and was excited about starting my new semester.  The sub had left a note telling me that my fourth block class was a handful.....and he was right.  Lord do I have some talkers in that class.  I have three classes of nearly 30 and then a class of 19....with first period planning.  First period planning can be a death sentence to a morning person or a joy.  It is a death sentence for me.  I like to hit the ground running.....and when I hit the ground....planning....I am exhausted by the end of fourth block....I have taught non-stop...and I am beat.  I have been up since four in the morning...and I literally am so tired I hurt....and then I get to drive an hour home....which is a blessing...because here I do Wheel Prayers that get me through.  Adams nursing home called on Wednesday to tell me my mom had choked on her lunch...they said she had reached a new stage in her dementia and they were referring her to speech therapy and physical therapy to see if they could stop the rapid deterioration.  They called me at school during lunch...and my day was ruined.  By the time school was out my head was throbbing and I wanted to find a hole and stick my head in it.  I needed something like spinach....I needed the fire power of the sister I jetted a pitiful email off to Amanda, Linda, and Missi, to just hug me in their thoughts....and pray for me. Thursday, now remember I have only been here one other bowling day so Frank brings me to school and picks me up.  I went to see my mom first thing Thursday take her tennis shoes for physical therapy.  Her bump on her head was gone but she seemed distant.  She was in the bed....but we talked about 20 minutes and then she faded out of me and I went back to school.  Frank came down Thursday afternoon and took her to see her beloved Sunshine Singers.  She had no clue who he was.  When someone asked her if he was her son-in-law she quickly responded, "NO!"  Friday I had a couple of school related errands to do during my planning....and since I have first period is hard to do things like this...because nothing is open yet.  I ran my errands and got back to school.  My second block class started....I have 30 students...and they made an announcement telling me I had to go and move my car because the boys gym building people are fixing to put a fence up and take my parking space away.  I got the teacher next door to watch my kids and hurried to move my car, which was a great feat trying to get it between the concrete block delivery truck and the Coke delivery truck without ripping the sides of my car.  I parked it in the grass off the Math Science wing so I could get back to class and I did not want to take someone elses space.  I asked my boss in a email later...where we should park since we had been displaced for God knows how long.  I got a new email from him with his suggestion.  Across from our gym...they have torn down a house and make a gravel parking lot.  WE, the red-headed step children, can park there.  I bring in countless bags each morning...and now will be parking in a parking lot with no lines and the lower forty.  True I can use the exercise...but hey....remember I told you...Karen + Cold (Snow is the same thing) = Disaster....and here we go again.  I always thought senority meant the business means a better parking education it means you get screwed first.  After school  I went by to see my mom she had no recollection of the Sunshine Singers...and wanted to know why Frank didn't show up.  Sigh...I can't win for losing this week.  On my way home....and after a good round of Wheel Prayer I decided not to let the parking lot thing bother me.  It is not going to matter in 5 years....where I parked.....(I will be retired anyways) here it is Saturday morning....and I have been up since 4....but I am going to enjoy myself today.....and be grateful for all my blessings....and instead of worrying about a parking space...I shall rejoice that I have a job.  Have a wonderful Saturday to all....and thanks for letting me vent a bit.  I know....and all the southern women said, "Bless her little heart."


sara said...

oh my word, what a week! I am so sorry. Hope you can have a relaxing weekend and do something fun!

Mimi said...

What, that is so much in one week!

Sending lots of hugs & love you way,

Mary said...

Re: seniority: "in education it means you get screwed first". "Ain't it the truth"!
Hope next week goes better/smoother for you! Looks like I'll be going back Tuesday...hopefully. Great. Just in time for bus duty next week.