Isaiah 6:8

8 Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?”And I said, “Here am I. Send me!”

Saturday, January 22, 2011

January 16th - 22nd - Project 365

It is Saturday night and I have taken all my pictures for the week and cannot wait to share them with you.  We worked up at my mom's today so I am truly to tired to come up with something witty and bright on my own.  I hope you enjoy my week in pictures and if you get the chance go and check out Sara's.
What a weekend we had.  Sunday we had church, ran home, let the dog out, grabbed a McDonald's burger, headed to Opelika to East Alabama Medical Center to check on Renee and her dad.  These trees are between Lafayette and Opelika and line Hwy 431.  They are gorgeous when they are blooming, have color, or are full of leaves.  I will make sure I get pictures of that during my 365 days.  After we left Opelika...we came back...let the dog out, went to funeral home for a viewing for Ms. Laura (a church member), grabbed a Subway and went home and crashed.  I was grateful that tomorrow was a holiday from school.

Monday is my bible study night in Alex City.  I usually spend the night with Mary.  This week we decided to do a Sip n Strokes party to kick off our bible study and what better way than painting a cross.  If you have never done should!  It is great fun, quite relaxing, and we all had a great time.  Mary is the top picture.  Mary and Kathy are looking at Bonnie's real painting in picture two and Susan and Debbie are painting in the last two.  There were twelve of us there.  Mary went home and we hung her picture in her newly painted living room.  It was beautiful!  Both of us felt quite accomplished.

We eat lunch in my room everyday.  With only 22 minutes for the meal it is really difficult to get to the cafeteria....and besides it is a lot quieter in my room.  On Tuesday Trina, Trina's intern, and Samantha (Sam) were all that were there.  Nobody wanted me to snap them actually here is my bunch.  Don, Laura, and Kristen were not there to eat on Tuesday.  I will get them another day.
 I finally got around to hanging my picture on Weds.  I came home from work early with a terrible stomach issue.  I went to bed and slept most of the late afternoon.  Frank went to church and did Youth for me.  I woke up when he got home and we put the picture up.
Thursday night is bowling night.  We went to see my mom, went to her house to get a cowboy for the Towler Farms sign.  It is one I made for my dad years ago.....and he never even put it up.  We went to Jakes for dinner.  The food was great.  Frank had hamburger steak and steamed veggies, I had chicken fingers and a twice baked potato.  It was so yummy.  Jakes is in a place where several restaurants have been...and not made it...but the owner...Jake...has such a great personality....I think he will definitely be successful.  I brought half of my dinner home and will have it tomorrow for lunch.  We didn't get home until after 1.  My mom fell and was taken to the ER in Alexander City.  I am just grateful we were already in town.  Friday is going to be a long day.

Friday night we ate at Gedneys.  It is a local Roanoke establishment.  The food is always good there.  Frank and Jessica (one of our church members who lives in our backyard) were cutting up....good thing I had my camera on hand for their shenanigans.  About halfway through dinner I felt every bit of energy I had been storing all day zapped out of me and I knew I had to find a bed quickly.


Well...everything was going well until my sign for today.  No matter what I did I could not make it stand up right.  I have deleted, rotated, reuploaded, you name it....and it won't I am tired and want to go to bed....and here is my picture....NOT getting right....!  Have a blessed week!


RaD said...

Well, not having it rotated gives the photo character, right?

How's your mom doing? You never really said anything after saying she fell on Thursday. I hope all is well.

The Cyber Hermit said...

I really like the picture you painted. It came out great!

sara said...

how fun to all paint a picture together!!! I love that.

Lot's of eating with friends this week...always makes for a good week!

Hope your mom is doing ok after the fall!!

Rhonda said...

Love the cross you painted...beautiful! Hope your mom is okay! Have a great Sunday!

Mimi said...

Those painted pictures are just great!

I hope your mom is doing well.

Hugs & love,

Rebecca Jo said...

Oh my goodness.... I am in LOVE with that idea of having everyone paint pictures of a cross!!!!! And yours turned out so beautiful!!!

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

Maybe your sign was just reminding us to look upward -- since that's the way the writing goes. Have a great week. Enjoyed your visit and your pictures from last week.

McCrakensx4 said...

I have had that happen to me with a picture as well...frustrating when it won't rotate the way you want it too! Beautiful cross painting. I teach and we used to eat in my much easier and quieter! Hope you are feeling better...oh and I blogged over from Sara's!! Have a great week!

The Bug said...

I'll be interested in seeing the trees in different seasons - trees are just fascinating to me.

You are always so busy - wears me out :)

Queenie Jeannie said...

I hope your Mom is ok!!! What a week you've had - so busy and full! I really love the cross picture. I cannot paint or draw and I've always wanted too. That is why I love stamping so much, lol!


Susan said...

I must say, I never painted a cross before. I love how your's turned out, very lovely.

If you want to swap your weather with me I'll be glad to!

momma frans said...

great pictures of your friends painting! yours turned out great!

Tiffany said...

Love the "sips and strokes" theme! What a great way to start a bible study. I will have to remember this idea. I was a parapro for two years until I decided to finish my degree and our lunch break looks much like yours. It is a whole lot quieter in the classroom.

rita said...

Great start and beautiful cross. Trust the Bible study is inspiring, encouraging, life changing!